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This amazing piece of children stories is written by children for children. This is the first in the Majestic Multimedia Academy (MMA) Children Projects Publications, this one being a compendium of picture stories by the pioneer students.

In January and February 2014, MMA organized a 7- week, 2 hours a day training for Children between ages 4 and 11. The children were trained on Basic Digital Graphics 1. Within a cumulative period of 14 hours, they learnt how to use the Microsoft Windows 7 & 8, Ms Paint application, Notepad, and Microsoft Word.

It is so amazing to see children learn at such a quick rate and come up with their own stories and drawings within just fourteen hours. This concept is borne out of a passion to empower children and teenagers.by MMA President, Moses Olanrewaju Bolarin.

One of the global strategies of MMA is to make children published authors on a global landscape, after empowering them with various multimedia skills.

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